>6th Global Conference Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship

>Del 11 al 13 de març del 2011 se celebrarà a Praga la sisena edició de la Global Conference on Pluralism, Inclusion and Citizenship, organitzada per la xarxa Inter-disciplinary.net El call for papers finalitza a l’octubre i una de les línies proposades del congrés es titula Nations, Fluid Boundaries and Citizenship, i inclou els següents temes:

~ What does it mean, today, to belong to a nation?
~ New migrants, new migratory flows and massive movements from peripheral to central countries
~ Resurgence of the local and the diminishing importance of the national
~ Are we living post-national realities?
~ What is the place of economic and cultural claims in today’s forms of political membership?
~ Assimilation, integration, adaptation and other forms of placing the responsibility of change on migrants


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